Contemporary Folk Music


Theme Count Graph

0 5 10 15 0 5 10 15 social 13 political social 10 regional social 8 political 4 regional 3 regional political 2

This graph shows the total count of each main theme that is present across all songs from all languages. The following list is a textual representation of the same content but with an added list of all the songs and its corresponding languages that make up the count for each theme. There is also a list that breaks down the count of each theme by the languages.

social (13):

  1. Suzanne (English) by Leonard Cohen
  2. Le Memorie Della Musica (Italian) by Maria Carta
  3. La mia canzone per Maria (Italian) by Lucio Battisti
  4. La Pulce d'Acqua (Italian) by Angelo Branduardi
  5. Sogna Fiore Mio (Italian) by Lucilla Galeazzi
  6. 赤ちょうちん (Japanese) by かぐや姫
  7. 想い出の渚 (Japanese) by ザ・ワイルド・ワンズ
  8. 傘がない (Japanese) by 井上陽水
  9. 精霊流し (Japanese) by さだまさし
  10. 戦友会 (Japanese) by さだまさし
  11. No es casualidad (spanish) by Grupo Cimarrón
  12. Sin Tu Latido (spanish) by Luis Eduardo Aute
  13. Hoy ten miedo de mi (spanish) by Fernando Delgadillo

political social (10):

  1. Scarborough Fair (English) by Simon and Garfunkel
  2. Big Yellow Taxi (English) by Joni Mitchell
  3. The Times They Are A Changin' (English) by Bob Dylan
  4. Universal Solider (English) by Buffy Sainte-Marie
  5. Early Mornin' Rain (English) by Gordon Lightfoot
  6. Bella Ciao (Italian) by Giovanna Daffini
  7. La Lionetta (Italian) by La Lionetta
  8. さとうきび畑 (Japanese) by 森山良子
  9. Pájaro Chogüí (spanish) by Julio Iglesias
  10. Ojalá (spanish) by Silvio Rodriguez

regional social (8):

  1. City of New Orleans (English) by Steve Goodman
  2. Caledonia (English) by Dougie MacLean and Alan Roberts
  3. Amante Italiana (Italian) by Pietra Montecorvino
  4. 東京 (Japanese) by マイ・ペース
  5. 涙そうそう (Japanese) by 森山良子 BEGIN
  6. 山谷ブルース (Japanese) by 岡林信康
  7. サルビアの花 (Japanese) by 早川義夫
  8. Gracias a la vida (spanish) by Joan Baez

political (4):

  1. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? (English) by The Kingston Trio
  2. Nunca Más (spanish) by Teresa Parodi and León Gieco
  3. Los dinosaurios (spanish) by Charly García
  4. Libertad sin ira (spanish) by Jarcha

regional (3):

  1. Crêuza de mä (Italian) by Fabrizio De André
  2. I Treni di Tozeur (Italian) by Franco Battiato and Alice
  3. U trenu chi và in Bastia (Italian) by Tuscae Gentes

regional political (2):

  1. Streets of London (English) by Ralph McTell
  2. Tierra de sol y luna (spanish) by León Gieco
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